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Blackcurrants are one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits. They support the immune system. They contain ingredients that strengthen the gums, soothe sore throats and protect the voice. The thorn-free blackcurrant bush is a wild plant that grows approx. 1 to 2m high in moist shrubberies and lowland forests, and is also cultivated in gardens.

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Chemical compatibility for peristaltic tubing. The best way to select a tube is to use this guide to identify chemically suitable materials, and choose the one which best meets the physical demands of an application. Normally, use the longest-life material, which will usually be Marprene or Bioprene, if they are chemically and physically suitable.

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NOTE: The Food Additives Status List is provided only as a quick look-up on the use limitations for a food additive. It is possible that mistakes or omissions could have occurred.